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Real Estate Short Sales

What is a Short Sale?

A real estate Short Sale is when a Lender agrees to sell the home at a price that is less then what is owed on the property.

Buying a Short Sale

When you purchase real estate, sometimes it can be purchased as a result of a “Short Sale” which is nothing other than the bank agreeing to sell the home at a price less than the mortgage balance. As a result of the home being sold as a “short sale”, people assume that they are getting a great deal. This is not always the case. Although purchasing a short sale is often a great way to purchase real estate, many times due to the real estate market going through a downturn, you can purchase a home and still experience a reduction in value. I feel that the key to having success when you purchase a short sale is to make sure that you do research on the market conditions and area of the home, and have an experienced agent representing you exclusively as a “Buyer’s Agent”.

Short Sale Process

The short sale process can be very confusing because it is not as common as a regular real estate transaction. Typically the short sale process takes longer (3-4 months average) because the Seller’s title company or attorney has to deal directly with the bank and gain their approval to sell the home. When a client makes an offer to purchase a real estate short sale they do not have the benefit of getting a quick response like they would from a regular seller; however, the positive aspects of waiting for an approval from the lender certainly outweighs the negative.

The short sale process begins with the Seller having to show that they are eligible for a short sale. All lenders typically require 2 years of tax returns, 2 years of W2’s, most recent month of bank statements for all accounts and a hardship letter. The process of getting approved for a short sale is the exact opposite of what a borrower goes through when they are trying to obtain financing. When a borrower obtains financing they have to show that they can afford to make the mortgage payments. When a Seller is trying to get the bank to approve them for a short sale, they have to show the bank that they have made every attempt possible to try and make the payments. If a lender sees that they have other liquid assets, they will not be very likely to help a seller out and approve them for a short sale without expecting some additional form of compensation at closing

Embracing Short Sales

Nevertheless, short sales are fast becoming the preferred option for buyers wanting a “great deal”, and sellers who want to try to avoid the stigma of foreclosure and its long-lasting stain on their credit worthiness. At the same time, buyers perceive purchasing a short sale property as one of the best guarantees of a super deal; while banks have finally realized that they are likely to recoup more of their original investment by pursuing short sales instead of foreclosures. That being said, a short sale remains no less frustrating or time consuming for everyone involved in the process, unless you deal with professionals such as Perin Realty & Associates, LLC…..turning negative market forces into positive opportunities for our clients.

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