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Selling At Auction

A Perin Realty auction is the fastest way to convert any type of property into immediate CASH! Sell your property quicker and receive top dollar in 30 days. Consider the time value of money….Buyers come together for one big competitive showdown.

You avoid high holding costs of nearly 15%-20% per year, with 8% or more loss every month from non-performing loans. Thousands of dollars are paid in taxes, insurance and maintenance. Liability is also an important factor. The sooner the property sells the greater your bottom line dollar.

Value can be demonstrated – traditional sales set the price and bargain down. The auction process demonstrates the value and then “bargains up”.

Auctions Get Properties Noticed!

Auctions draw attention as you create a market for your property. Buyer exposure is enormous compared to conventional efforts. Many times more people are exposed to the property during the “Auction Promotion”. It is concentrated and intense, and can be compared to shooting off fireworks compared to turning on a light bulb!

An urgency to buy is created……”buy this property now or it won’t be available later.” When the advertising starts and the signs and banners go up, people know the property is going to be sold on Auction Day.

In today’s ever changing markets, auctions are not only for distressed and foreclosed properties, they are considered a tool of first choice by the knowledgeable Seller…..not an avenue of last resort.

The Auction Method – Is it Suitable For You?

  • Do you have a strong Motivation to sell your property
  • Do you want to obtain the maximum price and the best terms for your property
  • Are you ready for a Non-Contingent Contract
  • Would you like a 90% change of selling and closing your property within 60 days
  • Are you willing to accept what today’s market will produce for your property
  • Do you want to eliminate the property carrying costs
  • Have you been left an Estate to liquidate
  • Do you have a foreclosure or short sale situation that needs to be resolved soon
  • Do you have a deadline to sell your property, but want a competitive sale

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Auction Method may be suitable for you!!